A the underside of a 1960's era water tower.
A 1960's era water tower.
These pictures are part of a project that documents the decaying 1960's architecture and structures of the Michener Centre in Red Deer, Alberta. Each image was captured with a Nikon D7100 and later edited using Adobe Photoshop. 
The primary goal of this project was to emphasise isolation, abandonment and the beauty of design in functional structures.
A major challenge I had when capturing these images was the inability to control some aspects of the environment, such as weather and lighting–factors that are essential when trying to deliver a specific mood or feel. Multiple visits and shots were required to capture the gentle, diffused lighting that contours the dramatic shape and angles of the water tower–conveying a feeling of elegance and loneliness. Post-production was minimal: only some cropping and a black and white filter were used to result in more unique and compelling images.
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