A minimalist poster featuring a red background, red eclipse with a gradient and a pair of black mountains with the text "Twin Peaks". The poster is on top of a red 3D matte.
This project was created as an academic requirement to practice creative development in a timed environment. The objective of the assignment was to create a minimalist poster inspired by a famous television show or movie using Adobe Photoshop within a two-hour time limit.
Inspiration came from David Lynch's renowned Twin Peaks project from the early 1990's with a modern twist indented to pay homage to the recent reboot. The poster is composed of simple vector shapes overlayed with gradients and paint splatter textures to resemble Twin Peaks' mysterious and dramatic themes. Two vector shapes resembling mountains deliver a literal representation of the show's name. Red and black is used due to its symbolism in Twin Peaks, and Helvetica Neue is utilised for similarity to the original typeface used for the title of the show.
A significant challenge encountered when creating this project was adequately referencing Twin Peaks with a high level of accuracy while still delivering a creative and unique project. This challenge was overcome by starting with a literal interpretation of the show's name and later researching and referencing artistic elements of Twin Peaks and other influential works of the same era.
The poster was later brought into Adobe Illustrator and given a 3D matte effect.​
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