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This project was created as a personal exploration of stereoscopic photography. A Nishika N8000 paired with the Twin Light 3010 was used to expose a roll of FUJICHROME Velvia 100F that was later processed, scanned and animated using Adobe Photoshop. After the wiggle-grams were created, they were placed in a 1:1 canvas with sheared leftover images serving as colourful, dynamic backgrounds. Glass objects built with Adobe Dimension overlay the animations to further amplify the third-dimension.​​​​​​
The primary objective of this project was to explore the technical obstacles of niche stereoscopic photography and the declining world of 36mm film. Lenticular imagery failed miserably on a consumer level in the 1980's, but a small digital revival has appeared in recent years. Although the rising costs of film photography has resulted in this type of work to become increasingly unattractive, techniques formed from the combination of new and old technologies has always been of personal interest.
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