This project was created as an exploration into low light, long exposure photography of public landscapes. Each picture was meticulously set up, framed and shot using a Nikon D7100 and later edited using Adobe Photoshop.
Although the primary objective of the prequel project (Night Light) was to highlight the beauty of colour in typically uninspired industrial infrastructure, this project aimed to highlight similar attributes in well-known public spaces.
One of the biggest challenges I faced when creating this project was attempting to capture a unique style and composition that's different from what we typically see in the photography of these specific locations. It's not uncommon to see very similar shots of significant landmarks and structures, and for a good reason: these compositions are tried and true and are likely the best way to document that subject. I overcame this challenge by first researching why these unoriginal angles achieve the best presentation of these locations, and then adjust the composition and lighting of my shot to create an original image while still capturing the subject's best features.
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