A light rail train track with light trails.
A series of concrete pillars and posts within a dimly-lit parking garage.
This project was created as a personal exploration into low light, long exposure photography of industrial landscapes. Each picture was meticulously set up, framed and shot using a Nikon D7100 and later edited using Adobe Photoshop. 
The primary objective of this project was to highlight the beauty of colour in typically uninspired industrial infrastructure.
A significant challenge encountered when creating this project was determining the main subject of interest in each composition. This challenge is typical of landscape photography; however, it became especially difficult when composing images of asymmetrical, non-organic landscapes such as parking garages or LRT systems. I overcame this challenge by focusing on a subject through the use of high contrast, dramatic light. In the parking garage, a single concrete post is illuminated with an overhead light. On the LRT track, a train is passing the camera resulting in vibrant light trails as a result of a long shutter speed.
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