A power pole and transmission tower within a rainy prairie landscape.
A wooden fence and metal gate within a rainy prairie landscape.
A rainy prairie landscape.
A dirt road within a rainy prairie landscape.
A rainy prairie landscape viewed from the inside of a sedan.
This project was created as a personal exploration into black and white landscape photography. The primary goal of this project was to capture the stunning beauty of a very misty, central Alberta landscape.
A significant challenge I encountered when capturing these gorgeous landscapes was ensuring that the entire scene was presented equally without the emphasis of one, singular object or element. This is somewhat unique to landscape photography, where the whole image is typically the centre-point–instead of just one thing–such as an expressive model in portrait photography or an exquisite hotel in architecture photography. If something assumes dominance within a landscape image, that thing should be a part of the landscape, emphasising its surrounding environment–or, at the very least–complemented by it. I attempted to overcome this challenge by using a smaller aperture (paired with a prolonged exposure due to low light) in an effort to bring the entire landscape into focus. However, this wasn't always possible due to the water droplets that accumulated on the lens, requiring a handheld shot and wider aperture. This, paired with dense fog and drizzle made for focused foregrounds and somewhat blurry backgrounds. In post-production, subtle gradients and other techniques were used to equalise lighting and disperse the viewer's attention across the image.
Each picture was captured using a Nikon D7100 and post-processed using Adobe Photoshop.
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