This project was created for OYO Cater–a local startup that simplifies the catering process for restaurants and customers alike. Each image was shot using a Nikon D7100 and later edited using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.
The primary objective of this project was to highlight the menu items that are available from the restaurant, allowing users to get a better idea of what they're ordering from the online catering platform.
This project was one of the first times I'd ever shot food photography, and I was surprised with how much preliminary planning and multi-tasking is required to achieve good results. Typically, food photography is shot under natural light (with maybe a reflector or two) and has to be shot within minutes after receiving the dish to preserve the appearance of freshness. To achieve the specific look that food photography demands, it's imperative to plan the shot before the food arrives–typically using a clean dish with some similar objects in place of food. Once the plate comes, it's a race against the clock to fine-tune composition, lighting and camera settings to capture that perfect, mouth-watering image.​​​​​​​
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