Mason Tremblay
My name is Mason Tremblay and I'm a Production Design Lead Critical Mass in Calgary, Alberta.
For as long as I can remember, I've had a strong passion for the visual arts. My inspiration was likely sparked at a young age when I was first introduced to video games via the original Xbox. In the following years my exploration of digital and analog mediums flourished, and I quickly became fascinated with film, photography and graphic design. In high school, I was able to further refine my skills and establish a long-term plan for a future in design.
In 2019, I graduated from the Southern Alberta Institution of Technology where I studied various digital design mediums through the New Media Production & Design program. My current interests lie heaviest in photography, photo manipulation and graphic design, and a little bit of user interface and experience design. Although full-time work and hobby projects take up the majority of my time, I still enjoy taking on new projects with clients new and old.
My artistic style can be best described as minimalist, dramatic, vibrant and contrasting. I try to find beauty in the ordinary and draw attention to objects and experiences that are typically overlooked. My biggest inspiration comes from Stanley Kubrick for his unique cinematography and extreme attention to detail, as well as his ability to deliver mesmerizing atmospheres through the use of colour, lighting and sound. As I continue to build my knowledge and expertise, I hope to further polish my artistic style and produce consistent projects across all mediums.
As I keep learning, I'll continue to create–and I welcome you to contact me if you'd like to chat. I look forward to sharing my interpretation of the modern world through the use of technology and digital design.